Waco Young Professionals

Establish an organization that facilitates the transition, development, and advancement of the Young Professionals in the Greater Waco area in order to succeed the generation that has so fervently served our community. The impetus for our group is to ensure value is being delivered to our members and reinvested into their organization and communal obligations.

To diligently foster and prepare an exceptional pool of confident, competent and well-rounded Young Professionals who feel compelled to promote economic sustainability, engage within their community, and create a valuable, business network.

A workforce comprised of ambitious professionals between the ages of 21-35 searching for community and an avenue into the inner workings of the Greater Waco area.

The Waco YPs host over 40 standalone events each year. We provide monthly luncheons, industry tours, social networking opportunities, monthly service events, and new member drives to attract interest from new young professionals in the Greater Waco area. We also provide a number of leadership opportunities. For more information on how to get involved, please visit Waco Young Professionals Facebook.

For more information or to host the Waco YPs at your place of business, please contact Lexy Bishop at 254-757-5630.

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