Workforce & Education

If innovation is the engine that drives today’s economy, then talent is the fuel. A talented and creative workforce is required for any community to prosper. A meaningful strategy to attract, retain and cultivate young, educated and talented people has become one of the most important aspects of competing in today’s knowledge-based economy.

This Greater Waco Chamber initiative is designed to leverage the resources of the region’s colleges and universities to support employers who require persons with technical certifications, college and advanced degrees and attract and retain a younger, more qualified and better-educated workforce. Additionally, the Education/Workforce Committee and other Chamber programs, such as Teen Leadership Waco and LEAD (Leadership, Education & Development), place an emphasis on K-12 education, lifelong learning and retaining college graduates.

Supporting programs and partners such as GWAMA, Accelerated Ventures, BRIC/LAUNCH and other community initiatives are driving new talent creation and retention.


Below is a snapshot of the higher education institutions, as well as private and public schools, in the Greater Waco area.

Higher Education

Baylor University

Waco is home to Baylor University, the oldest institution of higher learning in continuous operation in Texas and the largest Baptist University in the world. The school was chartered by the Republic of Texas 1845. It is now a private research university and a player in Big XII athletics.

Baylor enrolls more than 17,000 students in 129 baccalaureate programs. The school also offers 75 master’s degree programs, 42 doctoral programs, four new professional development programs, two education specialist programs, a juris doctorate program and master of divinity and doctor of ministry programs. In 2019, Baylor University’s Entrepreneurship Program ranked No. 6 in Entrepreneur magazine’s list “Top 25 Undergraduate Schools for Entrepreneurship Programs for 2019”.

The student population contributes significantly to the economy and lifestyle of the Greater Waco area. Baylor attracts thousands of spectators to its sporting events, and their presence is felt at area hotels and restaurants. Baylor students also work in the business community as interns and part-time employees gaining real-world experience to prepare them for the job market.

For more information, visit Baylor.edu.

McLennan Community College

McLennan Community College (MCC) has been in the Waco area for more than 40 years. MCC is a public, two-year community college with more than 8,000 students that provides workforce development training and continuing education courses as well as one- and two-year associate’s degrees for transfer to a four-year institution.

The school also partners with Tarleton State University and Texas Tech University to offer bachelor’s and master’s degree programs on the MCC campus through the University Center. The four-year universities are responsible for their degree programs and provide faculty members to instruct each course. The courses are taught by full-time instructors, visiting professors, in two-way interactive classrooms or by Internet.

Additionally, MCC offers Corporate Training for businesses and employees to help them prepare for the challenges they’ll face in their field. Corporate Training at MCC offers flexible training programs and consulting services to improve both individual careers and entire businesses. For more information about Corporate Training, visit McLennan.edu/CorTraining.

For more information, visit McLennan.edu or call (254) 299-8622.

Texas State Technical College

Texas State Technical College Waco (TSTC) offers another dimension to the area’s vast educational landscape. The college has more than 4,000 students in one- and two-year programs that address today’s high-tech challenges. It is also the largest campus and headquarters for the TSTC system.

In addition to being ranked No. 1 in the U.S. for Engineering Technologies and Engineering-related program, more than 100 associates of applied science degrees or certificate of completion options are available from welding to aircraft mechanics to digital media. TSTC partners with businesses and industry, government agencies, and other educational institutions. The college provides both degree programs and customized workforce training.

TSTC also partners with L-3 Communications Integrated Systems and Waco Independent School District for the Aviation Career Education program.

Qualified students can take related courses during their freshman and sophomore years of high school and then apply for a half-day course program at TSTC during their junior and senior years.

TSTC Waco also includes an Aerospace Center, which is located on the 2-million-square-foot apron of TSTC’s Industrial Airport. They also deliver five high-demand aerospace programs: Air Traffic Control Technology; Aircraft Pilot Training Technology; Aviation Maintenance Technology; Avionics Technology; and Drafting and Design Technology.

For more information, visit tstc.edu.

Greater Waco Advanced Manufacturing Academy (GWAMA)

GWAMA offers advanced technical and manufacturing training for high school students. Attendees of the academy are expected to leave the academy at one of the following three exit points:

Exit to Work with Skills Certificates. Students exiting immediately out of the academy and high school will hold a high school diploma and a skills certificate in a combination welding or other advanced manufacturing certificate provided through TSTC – Waco.

Associate’s Degree. Students wanting to continue with their post-secondary studies have the ability to take their dual credit hours earned during their two-years at GWAMA and apply them towards an Associate’s Degree.

Advanced Skill Certificates & Degree. Students may continue toward additional degrees and advanced skill certificates in advanced manufacturing.

Public Schools (K-12)

Axtell ISD

P.O. Box 429

Axtell, TX 76624

(254) 863-5301

]Hallsburg ISD

2313 Hallsburg Road

Waco, TX 76705

(254) 875-2331

Oglesby ISD

P.O. Box 158

Oglesby, TX 76561

(254) 456-2271

Bosqueville ISD

7636 Rock Creek Road

Waco, TX 76708


La Vega ISD

3100 Bellmead Drive

Waco, TX 76705

(254) 799-4963

Riesel ISD

600 Fredrick

Riesel, TX 76682

(254) 896-6411

Bruceville-Eddy ISD

P.O. Box 99

Eddy, TX 76524

(254) 859-5832

Harmony Science Academy

1900 N. Valley Mills Drive

Waco, TX 76710

(254) 751-7878

Rapoport Academy

1020 Elm Ave., Building 100

Waco, TX 76704

(254) 754-8000

China Spring ISD

P.O. Box 250

China Spring, TX 76633

(254) 836-1115

Lorena ISD

(254) 857-3239

P.O. Box 97

Lorena, TX 76655

Robinson ISD

500 W. Lyndale

Waco, TX 76706

(254) 662-0194

Connally ISD

200 Cadet Way

Waco, TX 76705

(254) 296-6460

Mart ISD

P.O. Box 120

Mart, TX 76664

(254) 876-2523

Waco ISD

P.O. Box 27

Waco, TX 76703

(254) 752-8341

Crawford ISD

200 Pirate Drive

Crawford, TX 76638

(254) 840-3920

McGregor ISD

P.O. Box 356

McGregor, TX 76657

(254) 840-2828

West ISD

801 N. Reagan

West, TX 76691

(254) 826-7500

Gholson ISD

137 Hamilton Drive

Waco, TX 76705

(254) 829-1528

Midway ISD

1205 Foundation Drive

Waco, TX 76712

(254) 761-5610

Valley Mills ISD

P.O. Box 518

Valley Mills, TX 76689

(254) 932-5210

Moody ISD

107 Cora Lee Lane

Moody, TX 76561

(254) 853-2172

Download School District Boundaries Map

Private Schools (K-12)

Live Oak Classical School

500 Webster Ave.

Waco, TX 76707

(254) 714-1007

St. Louis Catholic Elementary School

2208 N. 23rd Street

Waco, TX 76708

(254) 754-2041

Vanguard College Preparatory School

2517 Mt. Carmel

Waco, TX 76710

(254) 772-8111

Parkview Christian

1100 E. Lake Shore Drive,

Box B

Waco, TX 76708

(254) 753-0327

St. Paul’s Episcopal Day School

517 Columbus

Waco, TX 76701

(254) 753-0246

Waco Baptist Academy

6125 Bosque Blvd.

Waco, TX 76710

(254) 772-2122

Reicher Catholic High School

2102 N. 23rd Street

Waco, TX 76708

(254) 752-8349

Waco Montessori School

1920 Columbus Ave.

Waco, TX 76701

(254) 754-3966

At the root of the Greater Waco Chamber’s mission is the desire to have a talented workforce to ensure economic growth and an outstanding quality of life in the Greater Waco area. Along with education and leadership efforts, the Greater Waco Chamber has three core programs focused on attracting and retaining talent.

Greater Waco has a great pool of new talent through the 31,000 students that attend Baylor University, McLennan Community College (MCC), Texas State Technical College and the University Center at MCC. To directly connect with these students and connect them with our community and area businesses, the Chamber works with these campuses through:

Because of the talent from area colleges and the quality of life, Greater Waco also has a great population of young professionals – those starting their careers and establishing permanent residence. Being the second largest age demographic in Greater Waco, young professionals have an outlet to connect with each other and within our community through: