Federal Incentives

Economic development incentives are offered by federal, state and local governments, as well as regional economic development organizations. Below is a list of federal incentives available in the greater Waco area.

Opportunity Zones

Encourages private sector investment in qualified zones through tax benefits, including tax deferral and exclusions of deferred gains over time.

Federal Enterprise Community Bond Issuance

Opportunity to participate in the Bond Issuance Program for businesses that assist in expanding the local job base.

Federal Enterprise Community Revolving Loan Fund

Administered by the Heart of Texas (HOT) Business Resource Center, the fund is a financial tool to support start-up businesses or expansions.

U.S. Foreign Trade Zone No. 246

The benefit provides tariff exemption on goods that are imported, manufactured and then exported. If goods are distributed in the U.S., then duties are required but only when goods leave the FTZ.

Existing Locations: Waco Regional Airport, Waco International Airpark (TSTC Airport), Texas Central Industrial District, Texas Central Park and Waco International Aviation Park. Other areas can be incorporated via subzone designation or minor boundary modification.

For further information, contact the Economic Development division.
(254) 757-5635 • 101 South Third Street, Waco, TX 76703 • Kris Collins

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