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The Greater Waco region was founded on the Brazos River and it remains our most important natural asset. In fact, the historical Waco Suspension Bridge, completed in 1870, was the longest single-span suspension bridge west of the Mississippi River when it was built over the Brazos River. Working to activate the Brazos River as a destination will be vital in transforming the community.


Riverfront Connection

The Greater Waco community is connected by the river, and projects like McLane Stadium, the new Bridges over the Brazos River and I-35, Brazos Commons riverfront development (proposals of new development can be seen below), Waco Mammoth Site, Cameron Park, Downtown Farmers Market and many other community assets are and will continue to draw residents and visitors to the riverfront area.

The riverfront area is also connected to downtown Waco and the popular Cameron Park. Developing easier river access and transforming our riverfront, downtown and commercial and residential neighborhoods will generate pride for our citizens, attract visitors, investors, residents and attraction to Greater Waco!

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