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Below are member FAQs (frequently asked questions) about joining the Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber consists of approximately 1,500+ members including many of the most successful businesses, both large and small, in the Greater Waco area. Members range from recently organized start-ups, to the most established nation-wide retail stores, to government and non-profit organizations. The common thread among members is a deeply-rooted commitment to the Greater Waco area as a place to invest their resources, to conduct business and to live!

The Greater Waco Chamber is an elite organization that actively works to promote every aspect of the Greater Waco economy. Our chamber features programs that work with new and existing companies, promotes economic growth and development, job recruitment, public policy and small business resources to ensure you that there will be a positive economic environment to operate your business.


Every member of the Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce enjoys a comprehensive and cost-effective package of benefits and privileges that allow you to connect with other business leaders through more than 150 events throughout the year, countless involvement opportunities and a number of free educational forums.


With your annual membership, you also receive access to information, professional development and engagement, visibility, public policy advocates, marketing and sponsorships, and access to savings.


Invest in the future of the economy that you depend on.

The Chamber is governed by a board of directors that consists of approximately 40 members. The board is a cross-section of the many types of businesses and organizations that forms the Chamber’s membership. Elected directors serve three-year terms with one-third of the board being newly elected each year. The board, in turn, collectively elects six officers that form an executive committee which includes the president/CEO.

The Chamber functions through the work of member-involved committees. Each year the Chamber develops a Program of Action designed to improve the quality of life in the Greater Waco area by focusing on community, economic and organizational development. Volunteers and community leaders work to accomplish the goals of each initiative as stated in the Program of Action. These volunteers and leaders form the backbone of the Chamber.


The Chamber’s professional staff is always appreciative of our leaders and volunteers who use their valuable time on behalf of our organization and community. As a volunteer driven organization, the Greater Waco Chamber is dependent on the time and efforts of member volunteers who give their talents to a myriad of opportunities, which is why we are fortunate to have the hundreds of volunteers that work tirelessly to make our programs happen each and every year.

At the Greater Waco Chamber, we realize that “time” is a luxury and it can be difficult to find the time needed to work new goals into a busy calendar. Although being involved is important and our most satisfied members are those who attend multiple meetings and activities, we also understand that not every member is able to get engaged on a committee or even attend a Chamber function. We understand those circumstances and applaud you for joining our organization even if you do not have the time to get fully engaged. Remember, your membership alone supports all our efforts. The Greater Waco Chamber works to stimulate the economy and is concerned about public policy that matters to our local businesses. We are hard at work growing jobs, developing the workforce, representing your best interest, providing networking events and offering member connections for you!

All employees under your company membership are considered members, so all employees are encouraged and welcome to attend. Many business owners/mangers have found this to be an ideal opportunity for professional development among their employees and additional exposure on behalf of their company.

Meetings of our many committees and task forces are held at varying times as needed, but there are general membership gatherings that occur on a regular basis. The best way to stay-in-the-know of these dates are through our weekly e-newsletter and by signing up for email reminders from the committee leader.

An active, involved membership is the key to any organization’s success. It is easy and rewarding to make the most of your investment in the Greater Waco Chamber.
  • Support your fellow Chamber members by patronizing their business and using their services – this is a basic principal of being a Chamber member that should be practiced by all.
  • Use the Chamber resources available to you. We can pull customize reports, data research, statistics and even help make business introductions. We are here to serve you.
  • Stay up-to-date with what’s going on in the local business community, with our communication pieces. This will help you make educated business decisions on your own business based on our local economy.
  • Attend Chamber functions on a regular basis. Find what fits your business and/or personality best and be sure to attend as frequently as you are able.
  • Join at least one committee and encourage your employees to volunteer. You will meet business peers, work on significant initiatives, learn more about the community and lend your skills and expertise to the Chamber.

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