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Supply Chain Management

Waco is within two days’ travel time of most of the United States.


The movement of products from the manufacturer to the store is a process that can easily be taken for granted by the consumer. But for the logistics and trade industry, warehousing and transporting goods is about being cost-effective and time-efficient. Effective supply chain network is critical to profitability for businesses across all sectors because just-in-time inventory strategies are now commonplace among most national retailers, manufacturers and service providers.


Location and the workforce are vital to keeping products flowing smoothly through the system, and that is Waco’s strategic advantage.


SupplyChain-webWaco’s central location, within two-days’ travel of most of the United States and in the center of Texas’ largest metropolitan areas, is ideal for growing this sector. With Greater Waco’s central location in Texas, the United States and North America offers companies an advantage in getting products to and from markets in a timely manner.


Proximity to Interstate 35, rail and airports have given Waco a competitive edge. Ongoing economic development efforts continue to recruit distribution centers to the Texas Central Industrial Park and other areas. Interstate 35 (NAFTA Highway) is a key link in the national transportation network of highways. Greater Waco is also connected by two Class 1 railroads (Union Pacific and BNSF) and three airports.


Greater Waco currently has 31 motor freight and overnight carriers. More than 2.3 million pounds of freight is transported annually into Waco via air through the Waco Regional and Texas State Technical College Waco airports. Waco is home to more than 20 distribution centers totaling nearly 7 million square feet and more than 3,000 employees at companies such as Caterpillar Logistics, Army and Air Force Exchange Service, Ben E. Keith, Easy Gardener, Romark Logistics, Sherwin Williams, Tractor Supply and Wal-Mart.


Waco already is home to numerous distribution centers and logistic sites for companies across America.


Supply Chain Establishments

Company Square Feet Employees
Wal-Mart Return Center 220,000 397
Army & Air Force Exchange Services 688,000 350
Tractor Supply Distribution Center 657,000 279
Sherwin-Williams 475,000 265
Caterpillar Logistics 752,000 250
Central Freight Lines, Inc. 193,000 170
Coca-Cola Refreshments 652,000 110
Ferguson Enterprises 544,000 100
Spenco Medical 141,000 100
Dr Pepper Bottling 67,600 90

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